Explore Dubai’s Unique Museum of the Future


Also known as the land of luxury, the city of Dubai has a style all of its own. Aside from the usual sightseeing spots, the city also showcases some stunning architecture, like the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa. In Dubai, you can explore a multitude of museums and galleries to check out the culture and art, but nothing can beat the creation of the ‘Museum of the Future’.

The Museum of the Future has been built as a unique initiative to explore the future of science, technology and also innovation. It has recently been opened to the public for the first time as a preview, and is all set to increase the tourist value of the Dubai city, with its official grand opening in 2019!

See the future, create the future

The motto of the museum is aptly named ‘See the future, create the future’, as it is set to allow guests to view and interact with a variety of displays featuring existing cutting-edge technology and scientific ideas. It is believed that the Museum of the Future in Dubai will bring a light to the future of robotics, artificial intelligence and technology in daily lives. Besides the displays, the museum is also set to have a variety of workshops held to promote and explore solutions among different countries. It is an interesting concept and will rightly serve as a platform for leaders, innovators and creators to share their knowledge and expertise on issues like social and economic aspects as a collective towards a common future goal; helping mankind.

Dubai Desert Safari


Dubai is one of the most important emirates of the United Arab Emirates. The city is bordered by Abu Dhabi in the south, Sharjah in the northeast, and the Sultanate of Oman in the southeast. Situated within the Arabian Desert, the city has a unique topography with rest of the southern portion of the UAE.

Dubai desert safari

Dubai desert safari in the surrounding sandy desert is a thrilling and electrifying experience. It is very difficult to choose amongst a variety of adventurous desert trips. The journey starts from pick up point boarding into 4×4 wheel drive.

Types of Desert Safari tours

Morning Desert Safari: Due to busy schedule, many people don’t get time to plan for evening safari. Therefore, they can enjoy morning desert safari which offers interesting adventure tour. The desert safari provides about 20 minutes of exciting dune bashing along with electrifying camp journey where you can enjoy quad biking, camel ride and sand skiing. Morning safari can vary according to your package tour. On an average, some of the companies offer about 2-hour package journey. It is a right option for those who are not interested for dinner and camping.

Evening Desert Safari: It’s a must do activity if you want to memorise something for lifelong. If you are planning to visit Dubai, try out fun and excitement by organizing evening desert safari. Starting in the afternoon, you will have to rest at the first destination near a camel farm. Get a chance to experience sunset in the ocean of desert, enjoy camel ride and sand boarding. Try out beautiful henna design on hands and feet. Indulge yourself in a mood of celebration with delicious barbecue and shisha. Watch a belly dancer performing on Arabic tunes right at campsite.

Overnight Desert Safari: Explore the Arabian Desert in the night sky when everyone is resting in the camp. Don’t forget to carry camera to capture some memories of sunrise in the sandy desert of Dubai. Try out henna designs, traditional costumes, and camel rides. After taking a complete dinner, you can sit alone to feel the sound of wind striking to sand in the calm night. If you like dancing, watch a few steps of belly dance performer. Enjoy dune bashing and sand skiing. Don’t forget to take sleeping bags and blankets for night stay.



The standard of sanitation in the hotel industry are quite high. It’s the responsibility of the managers to exceed and meet the needs around the clock. Many hotels in Dubai hire professional cleaners,bringing in professional hotel cleaning services makes housekeeping’s job a little easier,

and it helps make sure that every guest looks forward to booking a future reservation. Hotel property stays fresh and spotless from entrances and hallways to conference rooms and event facilities.Cleanliness should be a top priority in the hotels.

Our Latest Rooms

Providing a clean environment leaves a great first impression but also drives customer loyalty, keeping guests coming back year after year and even recommending the hotel to others. One of such few hotels at al Raffa bur Dubai is EVEREST INTERNATIONAL, they have super clean rooms and beds, making you come back again and again.
The moment you open the door of the hotel room, you experience a sight of clean fresh smelling rooms that are welcoming to you. They even make sure that their customers feel welcome, comfortable and pampered by creating a clean atmosphere from top to bottom.



Dubai has gained its reputation as one of the international cities in the world. Planning a trip to Dubai? Have you decided the stay options provided by the city? Hotels in Dubai are quite a luxury, although they are not for everyone’s pocket. Dubai has something to offer for everyone.

Nice hotels in Dubai are expensive $160-250 USD per night. Whereas very basic hotels can be found for $40-60 USD per night on AIRBNB.

Few HOSTELS in Town

There are also few HOSTELS in town that cost $15-25 USD for six to ten bed dorm rooms, sleeping in one room. (I do not recommend one of those as I heard with few of my surfers that they weren’t great, lacking privacy.)
Dubai has a wide range of accommodation for modest budget travelers, as well as those willing to indulge in luxury. Quality two-star hotels are conveniently located across Dubai and are one of the most inexpensive options for any occasion. One of such hotels for you to stay in and enjoy variety of amenities during your holidays is
1. EVEREST INTERNATIONAL at Al-Raffa Bur Dubai which offers discounts upto 20%. They have standard super clean single and double rooms starting at $144 USD per night, including free Wi-Fi and BREAKFAST daily.
2. The other hotels such as SMANA, IMPERIAL and ROLLA RESIDENCE can also be considered at Al Raffa, Bur Dubai for the similar deals.
Moving around in the city is also made easy by various car rental companies, you can rent a car in Dubai, and book cheap flights to Dubai with a budget class hotel to enjoy the trip to the city of gold.

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